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2004-06-24 21:11:03First Beta-test over, major site rebuilding
Hard Core Gentoo
We want to thank all of you for your patience and your help.
Now, Hard Core Gentoo must go to a major site restructuring (as you might have see, we have added advertisement to our pages).
We have shown that the concept is working well, now we need to refactor our database to allow scaling to more results.
We also need money to help us pay for the bandwidth, and the future domain name. You are free to donate, or help us with Google ;-)

2004-06-09 11:31:08Beta test started
Hard Core Gentoo
Now the beta test should start. All python scripts are written, and tested. We will include a tutorial soon about how to use these scripts, and create a configuration correctly. We are switching to version 0.9beta today. We hope that this site will now be used as a reference for benchmarking purpose.

2004-05-23 18:45:21Dacovea created, fully functionnal beta test soon...
Hard Core Gentoo
Because of limitations of the current acovea system, we have decided to improve it in order to allow a lot of new cool things.
Now, acovea runs can be serialized (saved before the end of the full test, and restored at anytime)
acovea is now a distributed software (and was renamed to dacovea for Distributed Acovea), this of course implies :
- Dacovea can analyse any source project which ships with a configure script (most of GPL projects in fact)
- Dacovea will be able to select the best flags for this project, and save its state between each generations tests
- So, Dacovea can be interrupted and launched when the computer is idle
Finaly, the whole project will soon be automated, with a unique python launch script. We will contact beta testers very soon now.

2004-04-06 14:36:00Beta testing almost finished
Hard Core Gentoo
Today, everything is running correctly.
Automatic result saving is finished by now. Our development force is focusing on bench scripts.
We have a been finalizing these scripts using bash programming (thanks to X-Ryl669 for his experiences),
and now we are remaking them using python language. The main issue we have encountered was with transmitting the results.
In bash, it is very difficult (system dependant) to transmit the result, except by using a self compiling C software.
Python should be more "gentoo" friendly, allows socket programming, so that's the main reason why we are writing these scripts again.
Finally we are also modifying the acovea framework to be able to split populations runs.
With these modifications, we could be able to create a software that would compile some runs while the computer is idle.

2004-03-29 23:57:00Beta hardcoregentoo site is ready
Hard Core Gentoo
Today is gonna be the day one.
We succeed in setting up all the algorithm behind this site. It is running and beta site is going to be double tested.
There are still some missing functionnalities, such as automatic graphic generation (everything is in CSS text for the moment)
and some administration pages need to be finished, such as automatic result saving (delayed because of human integrity checks needed)

2004-03-19 18:18:00Monthly CFLAGS benchmarks
Hard Core Gentoo
As our web site is growing more and more each day, we are thinking of adding a monthly cflags match for each compiler.
This could help compiler programmer in optimizing their code, reveal true values for each compiler and flags, and of course, show the stability of our software test benches.

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